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Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), located in Lahore, Pakistan is a 292-bed tertiary care hospital providing nationwide comprehensive cardiac care services for the last 18 years. Its services include cardiac emergency, OPD, diagnostics, interventional & invasive cardiology & cardiac surgery. Punjab Institute of Cardiology provides quality tertiary care to heart patients. PIC trains post graduate doctors & paramedics in addition to assisting the rest of the cardiac hospitals in the Punjab. Moreover, we run awareness campaigns to educate the masses on preventive measures towards heart diseases.Treatment provided by PlC is totally free of cost for poor & entitled patients whereas the private patents are treated at a much lower cost than rest of the private hospitals in town. Emergency service is open 24 hours & emergency treatment is totally free for everyone irrespective of their social standing.

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Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

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Punjab Institute Of Cardiology

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