Websites where you can place jobs for free in Pakistan

Finding a perfect employee is really hard to find in Pakistan. For that people place ads on different websites and newspapers but most of the times they don’t give us good response. So we often think to post ads on free websites but cant find good one among them. Today we will bring you top free jobs websites or job portal where you can place your ad free of cost and can get good response.




There are lot of other websites and portal as well but they will not give you good response you want .

FPSC Roll No slip

FPSc roll number slip can be downloaded from federal public service commission official website after filling the online registration form and depositing the fee though voucher . Its also called Online Admission certificate. You can give your CNIC number to print your Roll number slip. Here is the link that can help you in that

FPSC Application For or Online Registration

FPSC online application form is only available on federal public service commission official website

If any other websites including ours claims that they have the online webpage where you can register then they are making false claim. below the link for registering or submitting online FPSc application

Roll Number Slips of PTS – Pakistan Testing Service

Job seekers are Facing the problem of not able to find their roll number slips on PTS official website and not getting the text sms message on their Mobile phone . has researched and here is the link for checking the roll number slip

Click the link above and get your roll number slip . And Good luck for your test

Result of PTS Test – Pakistan Testing Service

Check the result of PTS test form their official website for result

On this website the PTS result will be uploaded and can be checked any time online . If you looking for the online result of PTS test then Click the link above and get the result for all departments including

Directorate of Industries and Commerce

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University,

Water and Sanitation Agency Faisalabad



Result of all posts are given on website

Immigration to Australia PR

Australia PR or permanent residence is the name given to a non-citizen individual of Australia that posses a permanent visa of the country. A PR or permanent resident can work, live or acquire education without any limitations and restrictions in Australia. A permanent resident of Australia enjoys almost all the rights of that of the citizen of Australia with a few differences such as if they choose to travel internationally they have to make sure they have travel authority and a permanent visa. There are different types of Immigration to Australia PR applications such as Family Based Australian Permanent Residency, Skill Based Australian Permanent Residency, Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme, Business Innovation and Investment Visa and Skilled Independent Visa.

In order to apply for Immigration to Australia PR you have to follow a point based immigration process. The point based immigration system creates your eligibility for applying immigration to Australia PR on the bases of points you score that are based on multiple factors such as education, work experience, technical knowledge and also language proficiency. In order to apply for Immigration to Australia you need to have the key documents related to your education, experience and travelling details. There are two main documents that you require are IELTS results and Skill assessment report from the corresponding authority. There are different classes of Visa and you have to choose the most appropriate category of visa that is Sub Class 189 Non Sponsored Visa, Sub Class 190 State Nominated Visa and Sub Class 186 Employer Nominated Visa.

In the next step you have to choose an option from SOL that is occupation from the skilled occupation list according to the category of the Visa that you have chosen. In the next step you need to submit the Expression of Interest that includes your key profile details. In addition to above mentioned details you must also meet health and character requirements to apply for immigration to Australia PR

Private Jobs in Pakistan

Private Jobs are the jobs that are bloomed in the private sector of a country and are not governed or control by the government sector. Pakistan has a pulsating and ever growing private sector in terms of industries, multinational companies, banking, private educational institutions and many other private organizations that are providing thousands of opportunities related to the jobs with handsome salaries and other sort of benefits as well. There is a large variety of Private Jobs in Pakistan such as there are TV and Radio Channels, Banks, Auto Mobiles and Insurance Companies, and many others and you can apply for the certain job according to your own requirement and qualification.

The qualification for a private job varies from the type to type of the job and the organization that you want to join for the Job. There are different sections or departments in an organization such as the Finance Department, Management Department, HR Department, Administration, Marketing, Sales, IT and many others so that you can join a particular department according to your qualification. These days there are many multinational companies operating in Pakistan that are offering secure Private Jobs with lot of benefits as well with loan facilities and retirement plans.

Now the question arises how to apply for a private job and the answer of the question is very simple as you can apply online on the websites of different companies and organizations. However if you don?t want to filter so many websites and shortlist hundreds of jobs you can simply log on to Paper PK one of the biggest job portals providing all the desired and required information regarding all the available jobs in the private sector of different cities and areas of Pakistan. All you have to do is to browse a certain category in which you want to apply for a job.

Dress Code for Job Interview in Pakistan

Dressing up for a job interview is one of the most crucial, important yet overlooked parts of the preparations that are made for any interview in order to acquire a job. In certain cases people do pose consideration towards what they are going to wear on the most crucial day of the job interview that is going to determine their future however their this consideration and effort is not always oriented in the right direction and they end up wearing something disastrous at their job interview.

The first mental note of your personality is marked inside the mind of the interviewer on the basis of your dress and the way you are carrying a certain outfit on you. In this article we are going to list some important points to make it clear what is the dress code of an interview and why you have to follow that dress code.

  • A neat and clean dress shows your serious attitude towards the job and present you as a well-turned out individual
  • A properly ironed dress adds to the esteem of your personality and makes interviewer feel that you are a formal person suitable of any formal job such as banking and executive job
  • Try to be conservative and safe regarding your dress and hold back creativity for time being to avoid being extra
  • A general rule of thumb is that your attire must not be bold or loud and its recommend to wear light colors or monotones to avoid overwhelming look
  • Try to choose solid colored, long sleeved and buttoned up shirts and dark colors for pants to give a crisp overall look
  • Your shoes and socks should be of dark color and make sure your shoes are properly polished
  • Don?t add extra flare and volume to your clothes as it will impart a shabby look

Dress Code for Interview in Pakistan

There are number of choices of dresses that you can wear for interviews as listed below

  • Dress Pants with Long Sleeved Buttoned Up Shirts in solid colors combinations
  • Solid Colored Formal Suit may be Two Piece or Three Piece with Printed Tie
  • Simple Wash and Wear Fabric Kameez Shalwaar with Solid Colored Waist Coat
  • Short Kurats with Stitched Cotton Pants if applying for an artistic job
  • Women can choose light colored shalwaar kameez with light embroidery
  • Women can also wear formal men suits or they can wear crisp white dress shirt with dress pants
  • Formal Shoes such as kitten heels are encouraged if you are applying for an executive level job
  • In order to give a more finesse look men can use studs, tie pins and lapel pins
  • Women can use pearl tops, light weight bracelets and light weight rings as well
  • Women can also add a hand bag in order to give a complete and formal look

Role of Women in Pakistan Economy

Pakistan is one of the under developed countries of South Asia?s third world with a mass population of about 200 million which makes it fifth most populous country of the world. There is huge number of women that constitute the population of Pakistan and their number is about 101, 314, 780 which makes them 48.76 percent of the total population. Women can play a very vital and integral role in boosting the economy of a developing country like Pakistan. Women in Pakistan play dual role in terms of producer of goods and services and also performs regular house hold chores. In addition to the general house hold activities women in Pakistan contribute to 73 percent of labour in the villages and are involved in various kind of agriculture activities and manual labor sort of activities. If we want to enhance the women participation in the national economy we need to provide them with a number of services such as training in income generating activities, simple and easy terms to access the short term loans.

In general we can say that women occupy a very significant and decisive role in every aspect such as the social, cultural and economical life of Pakistan. Farming is the occupation of that defines the rhythm of life in Pakistan and most of the women are associated with this traditional occupation. In order to enhance the role of women in national economy we need to implement Gender Mainstreaming Strategy in Pakistan because societies that discriminate by the gender tend to experience less rapid growth and less poverty reduction that the societies where male and female are treated equally.

In order to grant more pivotal role to the women in national economy we need to grant women farmers more productive input along with capital along with providing them better means of education so that we can recognize the women as more efficient contributor of the society.

Get jobs in Gulf and Middle East

If you want to get jobs in gulf or other middle eastern countries the Applying by is the the best option for you as they are the leading job provider there . Here are the details which we get from

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Job Countries

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Quick Guide : How to Register

1. Clicking the link (at bottom of page) will open page for registration.
DO NOT REGISTER through Facebook or Google Account, this will not register you in main Job CV database.
REGISTER through Email only. For this fill the boxes and click Register button (as below).


2. After successful registration, you will be asked to post your CV (as below).
For quick calls from employers and selection, select?Use the CV Builder?option.


3. My CV page will open. Click Edit button to fill the information and complete your CV.

Update CV

4. Right column of My CV page will show how much CV is completed (as below is showing 16%).
FIRST OF ALL… Check your inbox, open email and click Confirm Your Email Address link.

CV Completeness

5. After confirming email address, the page will show how much CV is completed. On this page you can click?Update Your CV?link to open My CV page and complete your CV. (as below)

6. CV Completeness Score MUST be 100%. If it is less than 100%, no employer will consider you for job.
Provide maximum information about yourself to make it easy for employers to select you.

Right ArrowRemember! Complete CV to 100% to get a JobLeft Arrow

Incomplete CV mean No Call for Job

Click the link below to register yourself for International Jobs

Apply Now –>

This information is provided by and . We strongly recommend to make your CV at and others jobs websites to get a job offer before going there without a job.

*Above info is totally taken from others sources to share with you in good will. is not sure about the correctness of info. Always share your data if you are fully confident.


Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Pakistan

In Pakistan there are various jobs where people are taking salaries in Lacs and we have composed here a list of top 10 and jobs in Pakistan with high salary packages and other benefits including vehicles, house, leaves etc.
People who are taking making salary in millions are due to their experience, hard work, and high qualification and most important is they are giving a lot more to their organizations and companies than their salaries in their skills.

Managers in Factories, Telecom, Banks and other organization are making most than other fellows there. Some Professors are taking just 25000/- and some are also taking about 500000/- in Pakistan. Like that there is also huge difference in engineering, marketing, doctors and other jobs salaries.


Chartered Accountant


Chartered accountants are taking very good salary package from the start of their jobs and after experience of few years some are now making about 2 to 4 Lac easily. Every large company and organization requires chartered accountant for their auditing and other account related tasks. Companies hire CAs for the post of Accountants, Chief Financial Officer, Internal Audit Officers, Treasurer Officer, Financial Analyst and others.


Salary Range: Rs. 75000/- to Rs. 450000/-


Course Path

Because it is accounting related field and it is better if you have good interest in accounting and are doing it after matric or FSC / ICom or others.

  • HSSC with at least 50% marks or A Level
  • Graduation with at least 45% Marks

Software engineers / Application Developer


Software Engineering is still very trendy because of its high salary packages. Various software companies in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are hiring young graduates as internee to start their path. Software Engineering is very vast field and their are many opportunities to go abroad in larger companies.


Qualification Required: BCS / MCS


Salary: from Rs. 50000/- to 300000/-



You can complete your BCS or MCS from any HEC recognized University of College and try to get few years of experience. Companies pay Rs. 1.5 to 4 Lac salaries per month according to job nature.



Mechanical Engineers


Qualified mechanical engineers get jobs very quickly in Pakistan and specially in Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries in various on going projects. It is a path with lot of career growth with the passage of time. Below is details of salary range in different sectors.


Salary: Rs. 35000/- to Rs. 250000/-

Qualification Requirement: BSC or MSC mechanical with experience




IT Managers


Every Factory and organization requires IT managers. They are highly paid people everyone, not only just in Pakistan but also all over the world. Their main job is computer and IT related. They are responsible for various tasks.


Salary Range: Rs. 30000/- to Rs. 200000/-

Job Requirement: BCS or MCS computer science





Every year new Pharmaceutical companies are established and they required various professional and most important is Pharmacist. Karachi is hub of these companies and you can apply at any of these according to your qualification and experience.


Salary: Salary depends on job title and experience but range is from Rs. Rs. 30000/- to 150000/-

Job Requirement: Pharmacy Graduate, MSC Chemistry, MBBS



Dental Doctors (Dentists)


Although you have already noticed that doctors earn enough to live a luxurious life but only when they have few years of experience and fame in their specialties. Although all kinds of doctors earn good money but these days most famous are Dental surgeons. It is not about just Job salary but also through their private clinics.


Salary: Well experienced Doctors Salary ranage is from Rs. 45000/- to 150000/- but can earn Rs. 10000/- per day easilty if he/she is well known and famous in town. Even famous doctors inKarachi and Lahore have patients from all over Pakistan.


Job Requirements: MBBS, FCPS



Civil Engineers


Most of the Pakistani Civil Engineering are attracted to get a job in Saudi Arabia because they can earn easily SR 5000 to SR 6000 per month with other facilities such as free residence, medical, transport and paid vacations etc. But Civil engineers in Pakistan are also earning good money. They get jobs mostly in construction companies and other organization. They can be posted as Project Managers, Site Engineers or sub Engineers.


Salary: If you are a fresher without any prior experience then don?t think much about salary but getting experience have great worth. Any how staring salary of a civil engineers in Pakistan could start from Rs. 35000/- and after 5 to 10 years they can earn 2 to 3 Lac easily.


Job Requirements: BSc Civil Engineering



Petroleum Engineers


Petroleum Engineers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and America is very highly paid career. In Pakistan, it is not very famous major but they find job easily and earn a lot from start of their careers. Many Pakistani graduates are already at work in Abu Dhabi and other Middle Eastern Countries as drilling engineers.


Salary: Petroleum Engineers earn far more than computer, chemical and Mechanical Engineers. Starting average salary in US is $97000 annually. And in Pakistan average salary of PE is about Rs. 150000/-.

Jobs Requirements: Master?s Degree in Petroleum Engineering



?Marketing Managers


Marketing manager is a person which is directly responsible for sales and marketing of any product. All companies require this important person for their better sale in this age of competition. They can earn good amount per month according to their qualification, experience and job efficiency. Changing job from one place to another after few years is a good strategy if you are looking for better salary.


Salary: staring salary of Marketing manager starts from almost Rs. 30000/- and can reach to Rs. 200000/- easily after gaining some experience.


Job Requirements: Graduation / MBA / MPA / M.Com/ CA



HR Managers


HR means Human Resource and almost every company in Pakistan or abroad requires HR Managers to run their business smoothly. Post name can be different everywhere but a very lucrative career. Girls like it more because the nature of job and many are earning more than 1 Lac Rupees per month in different Organization.


Salary: HR manager?s salary range is from Rs. 35000 to Rs. 150000.


Job Requirement: Masters in HR Management / MBA



What is Number 1 Jobs Website ?

We have seen many jobs websites now a days claiming that they are number 1 or top career website in Pakistan. Are they all number one ? who rank them or what is the mechanism of grading? We will discuss that all in this article.

Factors on which jobs website is graded are

  • Total Website Traffic
  • Number of Job seekers that visit every day.
  • Number of employers who post jobs
  • Total Number of CV collected
  • Total jobs posted
  • Job posters find the right candidate.
  • Marketing and SEO

All the above factors are important to be no 1 job portal but all have a twist or manipulation which job based portals use.

Total Website traffic

Website traffic means people who visit their website daily it can be app visits as well. So here is a question arises that do website share their original traffic? publicly and the answer is no. They compare their traffic through Alexa or SimilarWeb like tools which has a lot of variation . So if someone is above on SimilarWeb he claims he is number one and if Some one is good at Alexa he said his website has more traffic, both claims to be No 1.


Number of Job seekers that visit every day

Number of job seekers are are calculated by Unique visitor who browse though jobs per day . That depends upon the number of jobs posted every day and in which categories the jobs are posted. If the number of categories on a job portal are less. few people will visit and if the categories and site structure is well built then there are chances of traffic hope.

Number of employers who post jobs

This shows that how many employers posted the jobs. This can be posted by employers or the staff of jobs portal .. more employers more jobs more visitors.


Total Number of CV collected

Total number of CVs collected by a website is another factor. The old the website the more CVs it has. As old cvs are of no use more then a year so claim is baseless and become a figure game only . Cvs collected in 1 year is is that matter mostly.

Total Jobs Posted

Again the older the website the more are the jobs. Jobs posted one month earlier are experienced mostly so that is also a base less reason to be number one.

Job posters find the right candidate

The most important function of a jobs website is to connect job seekers and employers so they can find the right job. But who knows they find the right person or not . Few surveys conducted by them selves which are not verified by third party .

Marketing and SEO

Spend Millions to get more jobs seekers employers and claim to be no 1? .? Same is the case with SEO? be first on google and people will follow.